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Mind Tools

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King Arthur and the Jedi didn’t just source their power purely from within, but also through the alliances they formed on their quest as well as the weapons they use in battle.

Your mind is an amazing thing, capable of more than you think— but it can be extremely difficult to harness this power without having the proper tools to do so. These tools can vary widely, depending on the person. For King Arthur, his tools were the sword, Excalibur, and the wizard Merlin, which is quite different from the tools of the Jedi, who used the force and light-sabers.

Ultimately, your quest will consist of applying your unique set of mind tools that you have chosen to help you along the way. On top of this, your personal set of mind tools are highly flexible and can be altered or swapped out in any way that best suits you, because mindfulness is a commonly used tool to master anxiety.



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  • Turning Fear to Courage,
  • Panic to Calm,
  • Nervous to Confidence

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