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Topic: EFT Tapping

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

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If you are unfamiliar with the emotional freedom technique, you are probably wondering how exactly a series of taps on your body produces such a strong effect. Well, EFT is somewhat like acupuncture; you are looking to target very specific points of your body, otherwise known as energy hot spots or meridian points.

The concept of meridian points on the human body is based on the knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine, which believes these points on your body are where energy flows. These energy hot spots are what balance your energy and therefore maintain your health. Whenever your energy is unbalanced, you are left vulnerable to illness and negative experiences.

The purpose of the tapping is to replace the acupuncture needles typically used to access these points and to send signals to the area of your brain responsible for stress. Through this, it is believed you are able to reduce the negative disruptions and restore your energy once again. Results from this technique can easily be attained just by applying these five steps.



Anxiety Quest: EFT tapping
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